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I was with my friend moments ago ! Aha she’s so crazy ( i love that ) ! In fact friendship is about finding a person who has plenty of flaws and accept that anyway ! Its about finding the other “you” somewhere ! And true friend will not stay just a friend ! He will become part of your family , and he will not be any different from your brother or sister ! Thats the true meaning of friendship !
Lol ! In the third picture u can see her in the far back !! She was acutely texting me a fake scary message but i caught her in the picture !
Now lets talk fashion! I was wearing a beanie (beige) with black and white leggings , a white coat , a grey and black sweater and Uggs (beige) ❤ its really cold btw !





Bold hair colors

Bold hair colors.. 
U need to have a lot of confidence to work this out ! I love it .. But i don t think i can pull it of u see cause it demands the “dont care about people’s opinions” and i don t have that ! I stick to the simple but classy and fashionable stuff … But that doesn’t mean i don t like edgy stuff
Who knows maybe someday i ll get the guts to dye my hair like this !! Not now though … I said someday